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Mary King's Close Edinburgh

An image caught on CCTV in the underground streets of Edinburgh. Is it the ghost of its last inhabitant, Andrew Chesney? See full story here

The Girl who wasn't there

Excerpt of original article by Kathy Gearing which appeared in the Spring 2006 Newsletter. Photograph: provided by Lee Moynes and taken by his friend Joan.

This photograph was taken on a wet, drizzly day on Dartmoor on the 14th June 2002. The photographer had been sitting in the car watching the ponies with her partner and decided to take a picture of them before they went home. They were totally baffled when they saw the little girl who appears to be petting the pony, as they are absolutely sure there was nobody else around at the time. Joan says, "the little girl was not wearing appropriate clothing for that cold, wet day and she was "brighter" than she would have been in the flesh - so to speak". It does seem very unlikely that a young girl would be out on Dartmoor, miles from anywhere on her own.  Joan adds, "also those ponies do not stand still to let anyone touch them. The only person we saw, apart from the cars which drove by, was a man driving a tractor coming off the moor to get on to the road".

face in the window?

Excerpt of original article by Kathy Gearing which appeared in Autumn 2005 Newsletter. Photograph: Sophia Ward

This photo was taken in late summer 1997 at St Mary Magdalene Church in Bildeston, Suffolk. It was early morning, just getting light and Sophia took a snap of her friend under a tree. The church was in darkness and there was nobody else around. When the 35mm photograph was developed Sophia noticed a light in one of the windows surrounding what appears to be the image of a young boy leaning on the sill with his chin resting on his hand.

While many of us would argue that perhaps this is a result of the flash rebounding off the church window pane, the explanation doesn't quite seem to fit as it is on the far left of the picture, and not more central as you would expect, and Sophia did not use the flash. The "boys" face is very large and out of scale compared to the figure of Sophias friend who is standing closer to the camera, and he is definitely illuminated from the front, and not from behind, (as you expect had someone been looking out of the window with a light on in the building).

michelham priory anomaly

This photo was taken by Helen Johnson at Michelham Priory, just a couple of hours after the "Mystery Man" photo below. The light anomaly is in the same area as the Mystery Man.

hellfire caves mist

The photo was taken during a Ghost Club investigation at the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe by member Justin Cooper.

Is there a figure there or an ankh and chain Justin asks?

michelham priory mystery man

One of the most interesting pictures in recent years. GC Membership secretary Kathy Gearing took this picture of a ghostly figure during an investigation in the Prior's Chamber at Michelham Priory in Sussex in April 2003. The Christ-like figure was not seen at the time.

Full investigation report >>>

stirling castle

A photo taken over 50 years ago at Stirling Castle. Read the full story in the Autumn 2006 Newsletter

face in the sky

Taken at Bellapais Abbey on the Kyrenia Hills in Crete.

Full story: Spring 2007 Newsletter


can you see a face?

A picture submitted by Mary Flavelle of a strange shape she captured on her digital camera out of her hotel window in Ramsgate, Kent around Christmas 2003. She asked the receptionist that evening if the hotel was haunted who said there had been reports of something a number of times on the floor above her.

magic mushroom

A wooden mushroom, used as a control object at an investigation in July 1999 at Charlton House in South London which shot 10 foot across a room accompanied by a loud bang.

Full investigation report

mystery footprint

Taken during an investigation at an empty cottage near Ipswich in Suffolk in April 2001. Despite the house being deserted for four years, a fresh footprint had appeared in one of the upstairs bedrooms in recent months. Of course, it could have a mundane explanantion, but not many people have access to the house.

More details


haunted wheelchair

The wheelchair moves around some of the ground floor rooms and passageways at Ham House, pushed by an unseen hand, said to be of a Mr Hallward who used to push the 9th Earl of Dysart.

Investigation report

plasma orb

This photo was taken with a digital camera during a Ghost Club investigation at Ham House on the 6th June 2004 at 3.56 am by Justin Cooper. As he says it does not fit the description of the usual orb criteria being more akin to ball lightning.

preston manor

This picture was taken at Preston Manor Church in Brighton on a clear night.  There were quite a few photos taken, only 2 of which show a ‘fog’ like this one.