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**New Link** A writer's collective, on the subject of ghosts. Each writer was selected on the basis of a personal paranormal ghostly experience and had to relate that experience to another writer in the group. The results are now being unfolded daily on the website.

UK Organisations Dedicated to Psychical Research

ASSAP. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.

Para.Science. Paranormal Science - Para.Science, was established to conduct serious study, research and investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena. Their membership covers the UK, and they have associates across the world.�

The Society for Psychical Research. Founded in 1882, The SPR was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.


UK Regional Groups and Websites

Birmingham Ghosts And Hauntings UK A paranormal group dedicated to researching the paranormal in Birmingham and the surrounding areas of the West Midlands.

Club Zero A paranormal research group, formed in May 2003 in Stockport. Is this club unique in having a uniform!?

Derby Ghost Walks Dates and details of the events in Derby, UK

Ghost Island Excellent and comprehensive guide to the haunted sites of the Isle of Wight

Ghost Science. A site devoted to scientific artcles on ghosts. Based in Milton Keynes.

Haunted Devon – Local group covering places like Pengersick Castle and Woodchester Mansion. Lots of investigation photos.

Paranormal Dimensions East Anglian group. Lots of local information and investigations.

Parasearch. Midlands based psychical research group founded in 1986.

Reigate Ghost Walk. Discover Reigate's murky past and hear tales of mystery, murder, and paranormal activity!

Scottish Ghosts GC member Derek Green's own new site.

South Wales Paranormal Research – There's many a spirit lurks in these dank valleys as this site shows!


International Organisations

The International Society for Paranormal Research. Impressive US-based site.

The Ghost Hunter's Society An Illinois based site

Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles Interesting web site. Check this out for haunted locations if you are visiting LA.

Ghostweb. Site of the US International Ghost Hunters Society

The Ghost Research Society Dale Kaczmarek's site from Chicago.

Memphis - Midsouth Ghost Hunters. Experienced ghost hunters in Memphis Tennessee who investigate reports of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity throughout the southern U.S.

Prairie Ghosts Homepage Illinois based with extensive links and resources.

Ghosts of San Diego Haunted. Information on San Diego Hauntings.

San Diego Paranormal Eye Investigation. Local investigation group.

The Shadowlands: ghosts and hauntings. Extensive US-based site.

Singapore Paranormal Investigators A terrific site showing paranormal investigation from an Eastern viewpoint. See the opening of the gates of hell, the horned devil and the Psychomanteum experiment. They also have gadgets to die for!

PTGH Poland's first professional team conducting paranormal investigations.

A complete list of groups in the Ghost Hunter's Web Ring.


Paranormal Databases

The Paranormal Database. The Paranormal Database is a serious ongoing project to quantitatively document as many locations with paranormal / cryptozoological interest as possible, region by region, in�England,�Scotland,�Wales,�Ireland�and the�Channel Islands. One hundred and three�areas�are currently covered, now totaling over 10,300 entries, with frequent additions and current stories continuously updated.

Ghost Voices Large and impressive selection of electronic voice phenomena from Missouri, USA

Haunted England – Extensive list of ghosthunting groups in the UK.

The Mystical World Wide Web. A good collation of UK weirdness.

Mysterious Britain Much useful information but lacks entries on many counties.

Mysterious People Devoted to the lives of paranormal, strange and unusual people.

Obi-Wan's Collection of Ghost Stories.

Unexplained Mysteries. On these pages are links to 107 videos about ghosts and hauntings


Media - Film, Photography and Books

Spiral Paranormal. Has many dozens of videos and photos of investigations, many of which have been visited by the Ghost Club.

London Haunts. Spooky and atmospheric photos of famous London haunted sites from photojournalist Anthony Bliss.

F&W Media Paranormal Books. Welcome the The Paranormal website, home of The Paranormal non-fiction ebook series from F&W Media International Ltd, resurrecting rare titles, classic publications and out-of-print texts, as well as new ebook titles on the supernatural and other-worldly books for the digital age. Visit The Paranormal to discover what's going on 'out there' through our regular blogs, learn about our well-respected authors, view extracts from our titles and visit our shop to buy our full range of ebooks.


Psychic Studies

College of Psychic Studies. Founded in 1884 with strong links to the Ghost Club and past members.


Other sites of interest

Harry Price – A site dedicated to the life and works of the pioneering paranormal investigator and one of the Ghost Club's most famous Chairman.


Commercial Sites

Ghost Tours Australia









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