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Please note that from October 2013 members can now choose to receive the Journal in a digital format. The savings can be passed on to the members in the form of a reduced yearly membership fee.

UK Members Overseas Members
Journal Fee
Journal Fee
Individual Postal Only £ 35
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Post & Electronic £ 35
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Post & Electronic £ 50
Joint Postal Only £ 35
Electronic Only £ 25
Post & Electronic £ 35

Terms and Conditions of Membership of The Ghost Club

1. I hereby agree not to disclose any information of a confidential nature which I may receive as a member of The Ghost Club.

2. I acknowledge that membership of The Ghost Club is conditional upon my paying the annual subscription on, or soon after the due date. I also understand that if I fail to pay after the appropriate reminders my membership will be cancelled.

3. I consent to waive any claim or right of action against The Ghost Club in the event of loss or damage of any kind during the course of any investigation and agree to complete a Consent and Waiver Notice prior to any investigation I may attend.

4. From time to time members may be indentified by name in our newsletter or on the website in connection with investigations or other Ghost Club events. Members agree to this unless they notify the Membership Secretary in writing that they do not wish to be so identified, in which case every effort will be made not to identify the member concerned (although this cannot be guaranteed).

5. New memberships will be subject to a one-year probationary period. Continuation after that will be at the discretion of the Ghost Club Council.